BISHOP HENRY L. GALLOWAY


    "And there arose not a Prophet since biblical days, like Bishop Henry L. Galloway, whom the Lord knows face to face, in all the signs and wonders which the Lord sent him to do"


    Bishop Henry L. Galloway is an anointed vessel of God. Born in the clay hills in Yazoo City, Mississippi and baptized at a very young age, he was consecrated by God to serve Him and do His will and purpose.

    After graduation from Yazoo City High School, his footsteps were divinely ordered to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he received his call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was duly ordained a Minister of the Gospel, by the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Association of Louisiana in 1964.  

     Bishop Galloway is a 1971 graduate of the Inter-Baptist Theological Seminary of Houston obtaining both a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Theology degree.    Having the Doctor of Divinity degree   conferred upon him, he later attained the Doctor of Laws  degree from the Theodicious Theological Institute.  Bishop is also the recipient of the Doctor of Letters degree from Wayside BibleCollege.  

    His Pastoral experiences include several churches  in Louisiana and the Yale Street Baptist Church in Houston.    Bishop Galloway founded the Hope Faith and Charity Church, Houston, Texas where he has been the Senior Pastor for 39 years.

     Bishop Henry L. Galloway is also the well respected leader and the Presiding Shepherd Steward of The Father's House International Fellowship.


                  "THERE is a WORD FROM the LORD"

      It may not be a "Logos" word or a "Rhema" word or a "Theopneustos"  word.  When it comes to you, it may be literal, figurative, or symbolic.

      It is the word you want to hear and it is the word that you need to see at work in your life and that word is that……God, Jehovah Jireh, your Provider is able to supply all your needs in Christ Jesus.

     He will and is able to do exceedingly abundantly, above and over all that you can ask or think.  Remember, no weapon formed against you shall prosper.  

        I can see your miracle, Glory to God! I can see your healing

        I can see your deliverance! I can see your new home!

       I can see your faith restored in God. I can see you employed on your job. 

It’s on the way.

This "Rhema" word comes from the Lord and is given to me, a Prophet of God, to tell you to receive all these blessings in Jesus name. 

Bishop Galloway has accomplished what many preachers have never experienced or  achieved.   It was a truly "wilderness experience".   In obedience to the divine voice of God,  Bishop Galloway has pastored

 and preached in a church truly "without walls" in the great city of Houston

For four and one half years, Bishop Galloway and the HFC congregation and friends worshipped outdoors without the comfortability of shelter from the rain and heat from the cold.  God did not allow any individual to become weary or faint  or ill during this most sacred and consecrated form of worship and praise on His anointed grounds of blessings.

Bishop Galloway conducted Holy Communion, Baptismal services,  Weddings, Healing and Anointing services, Vacation Bible School,

and Prayer services along with the regular weekly worship services.

......And for his faithfulness, God has rewarded him bountifully!




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