ANOINTING/HEALING SERVICE

                                1st Friday each month   7PM 

                   ....and with His stripes we are healed

                                        Isaiah 53:5    

          ....I will take sickness away from the midst of thee

                                       Exodus 23:25

        God cannot lie as we recieve His healings and blessings and

        cancers are now in remission!   HALLELUJAH!!



                        Building Stronger Families Forum   

                          4th Tuesday each month  7PM

                                  "Guest Panelists"

                      Get involved!    Bring your questions              

                     "Real Solutions for God's Families"

                           Deacon Eddie Cross, Director


                    Everyone  is Welcome !  Bring the family! 

                                    Refreshments served



                                   EASTER CELEBRATION

                           Sunday March 27, 2016      10:45am


                          DRAMA MINISTRY PRESENTATION

                               Pastor Willie Alston, Director


                              YOUTH MINISTRY PROGRAM

                                   Pastor Ethel Alston, Director


                                    Free Gifts to all in Attendance

                                   Special Fun gifts for the Youths

                                       (during morning service)


                                 HFC  Prayer Ministry 

                                 Praying in  all Seasons

                  Join us for a special Prayer Worship Hour


                         Upcoming Events for April, 2016

                     Pastoral Care Annual Celebration Month

                                 1st Sunday, Pew Rally

                                 2nd Sunday, Choir Musical

                                 4th Sunday,  April 24, 3PM        

              Guest Speaker: Pastor Wes Foster 

                                             Redemption Church

                                             Dayton, TX.


Check here regularly for the latest happenings and events in our church and community.

       Blessed   Opportunities


825 Little York Road

Houston, TX 77076




Henry L. Galloway

B.Th., M.TH., D.D., LL.D., Litt.D.

Senior Pastor



Althea T. Galloway

B.TH., D.D.

Executive Pastor 


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Sunday Worship             10:45AM

Sunday Youth Church     10:45AM


Tuesday Prayer Hour        7:00PM

Tuesday Bible Institute      8:00PM




"Anointing/Healing Service"

1st Friday every Month    7:00PM


Youth Activity Day

2nd Saturday   



Spanish Lessons

3rd Wednesday             6:30PM


Genealogy Classes

4th Thursday                 6:00PM


T.I.G.H.T. Youth Ministry

       Fun Days

Sign  your youth today,

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