ALIVE WITH HOPE   FILLED WITH FAITH                                                       RICH IN CHARITY


                  "A Church Flowing In The Anointing”


   HOPE FAITH AND CHARITY CHURCH is a multicultural body of      believers, illustrating the Power and Love of God in action.

    Under the teachings of our Pastors, we possess an unquenchable passion for lost souls to be saved and delivered into God’s kingdom.


This exciting church is a worship place of praise and prayer, joy and fun, for all people, young and seasoned. Jesus Christ is the center focus of everything in His Tabernacle


    Our mission is to share the Gospel of Christ, effectively changing lives, so that people may live in their inheritance of good health, prosperity and abundance. 

  We strive to give God glory in everything we do and believe that He inhabits the praises of His people.


   We desire to enjoy the presence of God in all we do. Our goal is to connect with God in a more intimate way each day.


   We believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and as the Giver of spiritual gifts to the church. We believe in the Holy Spirit and His divine impartation to believers.


  We believe that lives are transformed through  study and application of God's words.

   Our  pulpit ministry is geared to biblically sound preaching that is practical in application. 

   Preaching, teaching and sharing the word of God is the central focus and theme in this House of Prayer, Praise and Worship to spiritually edify, equip and empower God's people.


   We are committed to prayer and developing a more personal, deeper, meaningful relationship with God.

   We engage to make our worship a time of celebration as well as inspiration. We believe that worship is both relevant and relational.

  We are a family of caring and sharing servants. We give love to the loveless and shelter to the homeless.


  We operate under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Where He leads,we follow.  Whatever He says, we do. 


   HOPE FAITH AND CHARITY CHURCH is a non-profit, spiritual Body of Christ that empowers our members and guests with a "Holy Ghost Fire Power", to re- kindle, restore and renew their attentions and affections back to God.


       Blessed   Opportunities


825 Little York Road

Houston, TX 77076




Henry L. Galloway


Senior Pastor



Althea T. Galloway


Executive Pastor 


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Sunday Worship             10:45AM

Sunday Youth Church     10:45AM


Tuesday Prayer Hour        7:00PM

Tuesday Bible Institute      8:00PM




"Anointing/Healing Service"

1st Friday every Month    7:00PM


Youth Activity Day

2nd Saturday   



Spanish Lessons

3rd Wednesday             6:30PM


Genealogy Classes

4th Thursday                 6:00PM


T.I.G.H.T. Youth Ministry

       Fun Days

Sign  your youth today,

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